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☼ audrey // 16 // cannabis enthusiast // taken ☼

Anonymous said: Pls don't take ur self out of this world pls hang in there :) God bless


Anonymous said: are you okay?? like personal post? i really hope you are okay? please eat something today. its healthy and i would like you to be. i love you. have a good weekend

thank you so much. today just isn’t a very good day. i love you too, beautiful person.

I could do it
right now
no one is home but me and
there are guns and knives and pills
and I could do it but every time I even /look/ at anything his voice plays through my head
and I choke back even more tears
I don’t remember this ever being so bad to the point where I’d have to make myself puke to stay home from school
what the fuck is wrong with me